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Don't know where to start? I ​help beginners with learning the ​basics of fitness and nutrition all ​while gaining confidence in and ​outside of the gym.

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I am an ACE certified personal trainer and nutrition ​coach, dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness ​goals and create a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

My passion for health and fitness started in high school ​and has continued to grow since then. I believe that a ​balanced diet and regular exercise are the keys to ​living a happy, healthy life.

As your trainer and coach, my goal is to guide you ​through your fitness journey and provide you with ​the knowledge, tools, and support you need to ​succeed. Whether you are just starting out on your ​fitness journey or are looking for accountability and ​motivation to reach your goals, I am here to help.

Through customized workout plans and nutrition ​coaching, I will help you develop habits that ​promote long-term health and wellness. Let's work ​together to create a plan that fits your lifestyle and ​helps you achieve the results you want!

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in-person Personal training & online training

In-person personal training can be an effective way to achieve fitness goals, as it allows for more individualized attention and the opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate feedback. It can also be a good option for those who prefer the accountability and motivation that comes with working with a trainer in person.

Online training provides a highly effective, time and cost effective way of achieving your health and fitness goals. It allows you to have your workout plans, dietary advice and motivation all in the palm of your hand, for you to do anywhere to achieve your health and fitness goals.

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What Clients Are Saying

"Doug is an awesome trainer and works with your schedule as much as possible to keep you going so you ​can see that difference and feel good about yourself! He always has great workouts planned, to a mix of ​weight lifting and high intensity training so you never feel like you are doing the same thing over and over."

- Hillary Strain

"I really enjoyed working with Doug! He’s very personable and knows what he’s talking about when it ​comes to fitness. Works outs were appropriately geared to what I was able to do and would get ​progressively more challenging as our sessions went on. I definitely feel stronger and more fit. Highly ​recommend him! 5 stars !!!"

- Kaysha Rosette

"Coach Doug is very knowledgeable and patient when teaching. I have gained a positive mindset and ​more defined muscles. I would highly recommend Doug as he was very flexible on schedule and the ​communication and follow ups were always on point. There was never a time I felt rushed or pressured, ​which made each session very enjoyable and distracting from work life."

- Ivette Vazquez

"Working with Doug has been a great experience that has helped me to overcome my lack of confidence and achieve my fitness goals. When I first started working with Doug, I was struggling with doubts about my abilities and felt intimidated by the gym environment. Doug's encouragement, and positive motivation quickly put me at ease and helped me to feel more confident in my fitness journey."

- Nathan Fleming

What Clients Are Saying

"Doug has made a difference in my physical life and was very understanding of my needs and catered ​to what we talked about. He held me accountable every morning and it’s become part of my daily ​routine. Thank you again!"

- Duc Nguyen

"I would absolutely recommend Doug. I've used other trainers in the past and none were as attentive ​and focused on me and my abilities as Doug."

- Linda Lanier

"I’ve had a few trainers and I never got the full outlook with nutrition as well as exercise. Doug has ​been able to do what others couldn’t in the past. 120% recommend Doug’s Fitness to everyone ​looking!"

- Chris Strain

"Doug helped me push boundaries that I thought were unmovable. I feel stronger mentally and ​physically because of his fun, intense workouts and the kind, fun atmosphere he created during our ​sessions"

- Jesus Chapa

supplements & nutrition

Supplements are not necessary, ​but the right ones can help. The ​role of supplements is exactly ​what the word suggests: ​SUPPLEMENT your nutrition. ​Click the logo above for more ​info.

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Yes, nutrition is a huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being fit. ​Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is essential for achieving and ​maintaining your desired level of fitness. Eating the right foods will provide ​your body with the energy it needs to perform physical activities, while ​also supplying essential nutrients to keep your body healthy.

Click the photo below to jumpstart your nutrition ​goals and download a free recipe ebook.

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